Hello and welcome to We Are FoodPioneers!

We are a neighbourhood based non-profit food enterprise working with local, regional and national partners to build community through shared food experiences. Our home-base is Worthing, West Sussex.


The day-to-day running of We Are FoodPioneers is managed by Anne and Debs who are both equally passionate about making a positive impact in our own community through eating well, together. From field, boat and kitchen we provide courses and activities for all ages and in a variety of different settings. We realise that it is when we grow and cook food together, exchange recipes, and learn from others about their national dishes and old time favourites that we build community around the simple pleasure of a plate of good food, increase confidence in the kitchen and nurture relationships with others.


Our directors have up to date DBS checks, and food safety certificates. For working with groups with special needs we also hold an NFCE LEVEL 2 Certificate in Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities.


Anne Thwaites
Debs Butler